Salvage Bar & Lounge was a popular hotspot in Los Angeles, recognized for its atmosphere and exclusive offerings. Unfortunately, the restaurant has closed its doors, and its website link,, is no longer active. Currently, there is no updated website for the restaurant. Join us as we remember the influence of Salvage Bar & Lounge while assessing its place in LA’s cultural tapestry.

Location and Founding

Salvage Bar & Lounge was a stylish, vintage-themed bar located at 717 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Situated within the historic Petroleum Building, a notable landmark in downtown Los Angeles, the bar’s unique location added to its charm and appeal. The Petroleum Building, with its rich architectural history, provided a perfect backdrop for Salvage Bar & Lounge’s reclaimed and repurposed decor.

The exact founding date of Salvage Bar & Lounge is not clearly documented, but it became a well-known venue in the Los Angeles nightlife scene during the 2010s. The bar was managed by Vincenzo Amato, who played a significant role as both the General Manager and Entertainment Director, ensuring that the bar’s atmosphere remained lively and inviting.

Ambiance and Decor

Salvage Bar & Lounge welcomed customers with a well-thought-out interior that matched the Petroleum Building’s historical character with modern design elements. The interior’s exposed brick walls, reclaimed industrial fixtures, and vintage artwork created an elegant yet nostalgic atmosphere that was symbolic of city living.

The decor emphasized creative reuse, with reclaimed wood paneling, recycled metal elements, and antique furnishings that provided warmth and character to the area. Each piece seemed to tell a story, adding to a varied yet unified design that transported guests to another time. The lighting in Salvage Bar & Lounge was carefully designed to enhance the ambiance. Soft, ambient lighting paired with strategically placed lights strengthened the bar’s architectural characteristics while creating intimate pockets of illumination around the room. This creative lighting design helped to create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

The seating arrangements were created to suit a wide range of groups, from cozy corners for intimate chats to communal tables that encouraged social interaction. Vintage-inspired sofas and armchairs mixed with modern bar stools provided comfort without compromising style, ensuring that every guest found a pleasant place to spend the evening.

Salvage Bar & Lounge has an atmosphere of understated elegance and urban sophistication. It successfully combined historical reverence with contemporary flair, providing visitors with a break from the busy streets of downtown Los Angeles. Whether sipping a specialty cocktail at the bar or relaxing in one of the tastefully arranged seating spaces, guests were immersed in an atmosphere that embraced creativity, sustainability, and the rich cultural tapestry of its surroundings.

Menu and Offerings

Craft Cocktails:

Salvage Bar & Lounge prided itself on an extensive selection of craft cocktails that appealed to a variety of tastes. Each cocktail was carefully crafted using premium spirits and fresh, quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. The bar’s mixologists showcased their creativity with innovative recipes and attention to detail, ensuring that every drink was a flavorful and memorable experience.

Signature Cocktails: It included the Salvage Raspberry Tart, a refreshing blend of muddled raspberries and citrus with premium vodka, and the Organic Margarita, featuring organic tequila, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar for a smooth finish.

Locally sourced beers:

Salvage Bar & Lounge provided a varied collection of locally sourced beers. The beer selection included everything from zesty IPAs to rich stouts and crisp lagers, making it suitable for both seasoned beer aficionados and casual drinkers. Each beer was selected to fit the bar’s relaxed vibe and improve the entire dining experience.

Curated wine list:

Wine lovers may indulge in Salvage Bar & Lounge’s expertly selected wine list, which included varieties from California’s finest vineyards and beyond. Whether customers wanted a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, or something in between, such as a buttery Chardonnay or a velvety Merlot, the bar provided a selection that complemented the setting and meal.

Bar Snacks and Small Plates:

Salvage Bar & Lounge served a variety of tasty bar snacks and small plates to go with its impressive beverage choices. These meals were created to be shared or enjoyed as a light dinner, with flavors that suit the bar’s drink, beer, and wine selections.

Popular Choices: It included homemade chips with salsa fresca, savory chicken dumplings, and spicy chicken bites. These offerings provided a satisfying balance of flavors and textures, enhancing the overall dining experience for guests.

Events and Entertainment

Salvage Bar & Lounge thrived as a cultural hub in downtown Los Angeles. Regular live music performances, DJ sets highlighting local talent, and themed events drew a diverse audience, adding to the bar’s thriving reputation. Whether it was a lively weekend soirée or a discrete business occasion, Salvage Bar & Lounge presented a diverse spot that blended historical elegance with modern entertainment.

Reason for Closing

The specific reason for Salvage Bar & Lounge’s closure wasn’t widely detailed in public reports, so we can’t provide a definitive reason to it’s closure. Typically, closures of businesses can stem from various factors such as financial challenges, lease issues, changes in ownership, or shifts in market demand. Late in 2019, Salvage Bar & Lounge closed. Although the precise closing date was not made public, information from a number of sources indicate that it closed by the end of that year.

Online Appearance

Salvage Bar & Lounge, once a vibrant fixture in Los Angeles’ culinary and nightlife scene, has left an impression that resonates even after its closure. While the bar no longer maintains an active website, traces of its legacy can still be explored through various online platforms. For instance, Allmenus and other restaurant listing sites retain remnants of Salvage Bar & Lounge’s menu, offering a nostalgic glimpse into the diverse culinary offerings it once boasted.

Exploring these archives not only showcases the range of food and drinks that patrons enjoyed but also reflects Salvage Bar & Lounge’s contribution to the city’s eclectic dining culture. From signature cocktails to distinctive dishes, each item on its menu tells a story of creativity and innovation.

Moreover, beyond just the menu, these platforms occasionally feature reviews and anecdotes from patrons, further enriching the narrative of Salvage Bar & Lounge’s place in the community. They serve as virtual time capsules, capturing memories and experiences shared within its walls.


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